The Return of


This year we bring back the fun-filled BEACH OLYMPICS.  Compete in Individual or Teams for great prizes

...and bragging rights.

• Pyramid Races

• Wheelbarrow Races

• Beach Ball Fling

• Wreckingball Mayhem

• Beach Pong

• Fill 'er UP

• Pass The Water

• Getting Canned

Sample Beach Games

COST: FREE for Full-Registrants (up to 3 games)

or $2 per Game/Person

Full-Registrant Dancers can compete for free in up to three (3) games. Additional games are $2.  Drop-In/Day-Of Dancers are $2 each game. Sign-up at Late Nite or at-beach.


Games are setup for Individual 1-Person and Teams of 2- & 3-Persons. Winners are decided by bracket play or timed-play depending on amount of teams participating.

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