AUG 23-26, 2018 • VIRGINIA BEACH, VA



Volunteers are any event's lifeblood and a very overlooked. Thank you for helping make this event epic.


What is the "WORK STUDY" about?

We have adapted this from other events across the nation. It is a "Pay-In-Full-Then-Get-Reimbursed" program. WHY? There are dancers that have signed up to volunteer, got in free, but never showed up for their shift or decided not to help out.  Bad apples ruined the bushel.


The way that has worked best in the past is to have a VOLUNTEER CREW that ensures there will be at least 2-3 Volunteers covering the Registration Desk at all times. This will allow some people not get bored or sleepy and also a chance to dance while others work the table. And you can tag-team all throughout the night.

SIGN-IN & SIGN-OUT:  Be sure to sign-in with the Volunteer Coordinator at the start of your shift and sign-out at the end of your shift. Then you get the moolah.


For those that can make it early to the next event, please show up and help setup the check-in table. There really isn't much to set up.


SET-UP INCLUDES: turn A/C/ on, electric fans in place, chairs& tables out, cash box, check-in sheets, wristbands, whiffle bat for security, setup sound system, stock the TP, etc. When we close up, we just put everything in the bin, and leave for the next late night.


CLEAN-UP: that is everybody's responsibility to go around all night long and clean up any trash, spills, and make the place tidy and better than the way we found it.



You must still REGISTER and PAY for the event. This way you get on the list and housing (if needed).


You MUST sign-in at the start of your shift and sign-out at the end of your shift with the Volunteer Coordinator to get your registration reimbursed.


You will receive either a REFUND or CASH-BACK from the Volunteer Coordinator right after your shift.  It is about $5 per hour shift or up to the price you paid.  If you worked your butt off all weekend, the Event Coordinator may add more (meals, tshirt, bag of souvenir sand, etc).

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